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Why Choose Steel Docks when Aluminum is an Option?

The choice between aluminum docks versus galvanized steel frame docks should be more relevant to the dock location conditions, regarding ground hardness, water depth and exposure to wind and waves. Below are conditions that set Galv-A-Dock above the rest.

  1. Over 45 years of experience in Galv-A-Dock installations has shown that the custom (20%) lighter weight, (200%) higher-strength galvanized steel dock components are easy to manage with the heaviest being 62 lbs. The installation method is done all above the water so installers stay high and dry and allows for greater accommodation of variables (deeper water, and in soft ground) as to where Galv-A-Dock can be installed.
  2. Daytime boaters tying up to a Galv-A-Dock find it user-friendly with Galv-A-Dock molded plastic vertical dock bumpers designed for contact from the boats rub rail. This means the colorful fiberglass side of the hull is not compromised from rubbing against the dock and there bumpers.
  3. Over the course of our 45 year history, Galv-A-Dock steel tubular design offers the maximum rigidity that has withstood Mother Nature’s severest storms with ZERO dock damage to date. Whereas, aluminum docks have taken a toll from the wind along with the waves generated from storms, especially on large bodies of water.
  4. The rigid, galvanized steel framework allows for accessories to be added that do not take up the deck space, such as our 8’ long Bench, Dock Locker Storage Box, and Paddleboard/Kayak Storage Rack, all of which overhang the water. In addition, our unique Boathouse structure offers the best sun protection for all boats.
  5. The galvanized steel components, molded plastic decks and accessories offers you the longest lasting, most stable dock available. In addition, Galv-A-Dock is the most user-friendly when boating and is friendliest to the feet with no metal sharp edges exposed.

It is our opinion that Galv-A-Dock cannot be matched in any of these conditions.

Galv-A-Dock offers an alternative dock option for customers who are limited where aluminum docks can be installed. Galv-A-Dock can be installed in up to 12’ water depth and in soft ground conditions up to 3’ depth of mud. Installed where waves are in excess of 3’ in height.

Galv-A-Dock offers the largest one-piece framework sundeck being 10’ 4”, and boasts superior stability that can support up to 20 people at a given time.

Galv-A-Dock offers molded one-piece plastic decking, bumpers, and bench components that are guaranteed to last for years and are very comfortable to the feet and user-friendly for mooring boats to the dock.

Galv-A-Dock offers an alternative to boatlifts with covers with an over-the-water boathouse. Our boathouse allows for easier access to the boat while giving greater ultraviolet protection to the boat’s colorful fiberglass.

Galv-A-Dock provides an easy, above-water method of installation and removal. The uniformity in the components weight allows dock installers to stay high and dry with a fast way of install.

All of the Galv-A-Dock components, from the vertical bumpers to the plastic decking, cannot be matched in comfort and convenience to the consumer, along with being more durable and can outlast any competitor’s option available.

Waterfront Specialties, the manufacturer of Galv-A-Dock, is one of the few, if not the only dock company that can state from the first Galv-A-Dock installed, that Galv-A-Dock customers are fortunate to have never experienced any structural dock damage from high wind storms in its 45 years history.

You can be assured that:   Galv-A-Dock is the last dock you’ll ever buy!

Aluminum advantages are:

  • Lighter in weight, being a softer more malleable metal that is prone to bending, let alone flexes when walking over, making some people uncomfortable as to having adequate stability.
  • While Aluminum is a non-porous metal and has a shinier, more appealing finish, it will oxidize and will track onto hands and clothing when in contact with the aluminum.
  • With the Aluminum metal being lighter than Galv. Steel leads the installer into the perception the dock is lighter and easier for installing and removing. While weight is always a concern, Galv-A-Dock’s above water method of installation and removal is an easier system for servicing because most Galv-A-Dock components are carried close to the body and are less cumbersome than standard aluminum dock frames. Galv-A-Dock also takes up a smaller area for storing in the off season and is stacked lower to the ground than the bulky aluminum docks. Most importantly, Galv-A-Dock does not have sharp edges found with Aluminum product that could cause potential injury since its components are made of round tubular steel.