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What sets Galv-A-Dock apart from other docks?

  • Most durable, stable, and portable modular dock system available. It’s able to moor boats under a covered slip, while boats are floating in the water. Galv-A-Dock has withstood the severest high-wind storms to date, with absolutely no dock or boat damaged because of the dock. At Waterfront Specialties, history has shown us that a Galv-A-Dock properly designed and installed will still be standing when the trees and home may be severely damaged.
  • Galv-A-Dock can be installed in water depths up to 12′ and still be able to moor boats tied to the dock. Galv-A-Dock is a high strength tubular steel modular dock that allows for a proven above-water method of installation and removal. (There is a detailed installation and removal video available upon request that shows virtually all aspects of installation and removal). The brackets design, along with the double strength galvanized pipe, is the key to what differentiates the Galv-A-Dock steel-framework dock from other docks that use standard schedule 40 pipe. The strength of the bracket is what keeps the vertical double strength pipe at right angles to the horizontal framework double strength pipe. This, in turn, gives the steel-framework dock unequalled rigidity in nearly any kind of lake bottom and water depths up to 12′, while still being able to moor boats tied to the dock.
  • If the shoreline is on a steep grade or the customers is concerned about what they see during the offseason in the winter, Galv-A-Dock product can stack on a hill and take less room than other docks of the same configuration.
  • The attention to detail and precision of all Galv-A-Dock parts will allow for the dock to be installed faster, straighter, with more stability, while the dock installers will be rewarded with the best dock installation possible. While the majority of the seasonal docks being produced today are made with aluminum metal, that is softer, more malleable and lighter weight, aluminum has proven to not withstand high wind storms, because of its inferior strength.

There are multiple advantages to a steel framework dock over an aluminum dock. First off, the Galv-A-Dock steel framework dock has unbeatable structural strength and superior stability, when compared to aluminum docks. Additionally, one of Galv-A-Dock customer’s most favorite options is the over-the-water boathouse because it provides the most user-friendly method for mooring boats and reduces the sun and rain exposure. Finally, Galv-A-Dock customers haven’t missed any time on the lake during the summers because Galv-A-Dock has withstood every severe storm to date with no dock or boat damage, due to the added strength that the high strength tubular steel has over the softer more malleable aluminum metal.

Yes, not only is maintenance free, we have gone a step further to have all of the Galv-A-Dock steel fasteners double coated, offering a longer lasting finish, along with the setscrews having our specially formulated lubricant that outlast what other dock companies have to offer. An on-going season after season of easy adjustability will allow dock installers an easier and faster time frame of each customer installation and removal.

As to the dock product itself, the modular plastic decks will last 20+ years and the hot dip galvanized steel will last over 50 years, including the boathouse and the various dock options. The exception is the boathouse vinyl, which have about a 12 year lifetime. We have a large percentage of the Galv-A-Docks sold in the 70’s that are still in use today, after having over 40 years of use.

An installation on a river where the lake elevation would rise more than 2’ upwards from the dock installation date, where water depth in excess of 12’, or where there is greater than 4’ of soft/muddy ground conditions.

With the recommended dock height above the water and the ground composition of sand, rocks, or clay, Galv-A-Dock has been installed in as deep as 12′ of water and can be installed in as deep as 15′ of water depending on the dock installer’s ability to handle a 21′ vertical pipe. Keep in mind that if the ground surface is soft/muddy you’ll need to determine the depth of the mud, along with the water depth, to determine the vertical pipe lengths. While other manufacturers advertise the ability that their docks can be installed in water depths of 12’, aluminum metal cannot provide adequate side sway stability in water depths greater than 8’ for walking on, and certainly cannot provide adequate support to safely tie a boat to the dock.

Yes, in most applications we find the soft ground condition from 6″ depth to 36″ of depth, the greater depth of the soft ground condition will make the dock removal a bit slower from the added suction buildup on the pipe and base plate if installed. Using our specially designed vertical pipe removal jack with the flotation tool will allow for the dock to be removed in an acceptable time frame. Again, with the dock installer staying high and dry above the water. If there is more than 36″ of the soft ground, the depth of the mud needs to be determined and shared with the dock experts at Waterfront Specialties for the determination as to what needs to take place for the Galv-A-Dock to stay level, with adequate side sway stability.  

Each dock bracket vertical pipe sleeve has one 1/2″ square head setscrew that needs to be loosened. With using either the Galv-A-Dock leveling jack service tool or a come-along, each section can be raised and retightened in less than 5 minutes.

Yes, to start with, we use a floatation device that locks to the steel framework during installation and removal. There is a routine process to do the installation without even getting your hands wet, since all of the dock installers work is at least 8″ above the water. Waterfront does have a detailed DVD installation video for those who would like to learn how the dock is to be installed and removed, all done above the water, staying high and dry. Waterfront Specialties has designed the dock using lighter weight steel, with higher carbon to reduce the handling weight by 20% over conventional steel (Schedule 40 pipe). As to the molded plastic decks, Waterfront has designed in to the bottom side of the decks a centered shoulder support and carrying handles on each deck end for those who tag team carrying the 8′ decks.

No, it will require 3 to 4 blocks of space for storage. The various areas will require different sizes, with the largest being 5′ by 18′. Because Galv-A-Dock being stacked relatively close to the ground, there is virtually no loss of view.

Because of the steel framework design, it makes it easy for stacking the individual vertical pipes, frameworks, dock accessories, including the boathouse components on an incline. The plastic decks will require an area of 4′ x 8′ on level ground or the ability to install a portable rack of dock components for storing the decks on. Waterfront does offer a deck cover produced for keeping the decks contained within the rack. While not required, it is helpful to the dock installers as well as giving Galv-A-Dock customers the peace of mind that the decks are secure on the shoreline during the offseason.

Yes, because Galv-A-Dock is a modular system, it allows for the individual parts to be relocated at different locations on the new dock configuration. With our state of the art “Design a Dock” software program, Waterfront Specialties can reconfigure the current dock in-house as to what is exactly is needed once we are aware of the water depths in relation to the dock addition. Once a dealer has experienced the web based “Design a Dock” software, rgwt will be able to do the design in-house independently or with the assistance from Waterfront Specialties tech support if needed.

The prototype was manufactured, installed and tested for 2 years before our first year of offering the Galv-A-Dock product to the public in 1972.

The warranty provides 100% replacement of the steel parts for 25 years and 15 years for the molded plastic components from the date of the initial installation. The boathouse vinyl is covered with a 10 year warranty and is prorated. The warranty can be passed on to a new homeowner if the Galv-A-Dock is at the same location as is on the original invoice, provided the dock is removed seasonally by a certified installer or by the customers themselves.