Galv-A-Dock Suggested Tools

For the initial dock set up and installation, you will be best served by having a tape measure for exact position of the dock bracket and corner brackets at the proper location when assembling the dock framework. Also need a saw to notch the side board flange on the decks when an L section is added to the walkway. The wrench that will best serve your needs, (tightening and loosening the square head setscrews) would be a 3/8″ drive socket wrench, with a hard to find 3/8″ drive by 1/2″ – 8 point socket, designed for 1/2″ square head fasteners and needed for the dock framework, bumpers, and bench. The smaller socket shown on the left picture is used primarily to lock the steel slat setscrews on the boathouse and the deck hold downs to the vertical pipe.

As for the fall dock removal, additional tools needed that are not included in the Galv-A-Dock service tools are the 3/8″ drive, socket wrench and socket noted in previous paragraph. An additional tool to consider is a 18″ pipe wrench, which is helpful by turning the vertical pipe to break the suction that accumulates over the summer season and reduces the effort removing the pipe with the removal jack.