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Galv-A-Dock Sectional Starter Bracket

The Galv-A-Dock Sectional Starter Bracket (for 42″ wide decking) consists of 1 & 1/2″   – 2″ pipe with minimum vertical pipe sleeve length. The Galv-A-Dock Platform Starter Bracket, (62″ wide decking) consist of 2″ pipe. Both starter brackets are designed with the intent to stay in the ground year around once it is originally installed on the shore.

Because the starter bracket is in a locked position, it allows the dock to be installed in the identical location year after year. Benefits of our starter brackets include all the steel components being galvanized for added years of life. The starter bracket is equipped with 4 pre-greased fasteners, 1/2″ diameter, by 1″ long square head set screws, for added years of consistent, worry free working condition.

The starter bracket has minimum vertical pipe length, allowing the starter bracket to rest directly on the ground. This reduces the height of the dock surface off the ground at the shore end of the dock. Please note, that the 2 & 1/2″ long sleeve is for the vertical pipe, the 5″ sleeve is for the 16′ framework pipe to slide into and be locked in place.