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Galv-A-Dock Pipe Removal Jack

The pipe removal jack is used to remove the vertical pipe. It consists of a jaw designed to lock against the vertical pipe when downward force is applied to the jack handle. A 3′ vertical support jack stand rests on the dock (deck surface) for support while the jack is in use. The removal jack arm has an adjustable sleeve that can be locked to the desired height on the jack stand. One end of the removal jack arm is comprised of a bracket for jaw attachment that locks onto the vertical pipe, while the other end consists of a pipe handle, to which downward force is applied. When you apply pressure downwards onto the open end of the removal jack, which will remove a portion of your weight off of the deck surface and apply it to the jaw (end of removal jack arm) the vertical dock pipe will release from the bottom up through the dock bracket. The optional 7′ long jack stand support can be used to remove pipes that have been driven into a clay bottom. To use the 7′ long stand, you must apply downward force to the removal jack pipe handle that is being supported from the ground surface.