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Galv-A-Dock Open Slip

Open slip docks are ideal for shorelines where boatlifts do not work. These circumstances include inadequate ground support (excessive muddy lake bottom) and either inadequate (to shallow of lake depth) or excessive water depth. The issue of inadequate water depth can cause problems related to getting the boat on, or off the lift, as the lake elevation drops during the late summer and early fall. Having a lift in too deep of water may prevent the boat being far enough out of the water or obtaining adequate side sway stability when boat is on the lift. An open slip setup is the most user-friendly way for boaters to enter or leave the mooring location.

Utilizing four preset mooring lines allows for corner tie-up and ensures the boat will not contact the dock. The open slips are available in various sizes to moor any boat types, up to 43′ long. The modular, telescoping framework pipe allows for slip expansion, if the boat length and or width is changed from one year to the next.