Galv-A-Dock, a Leader in the Dock Industry for Innovation

Based off of 45 years of experience in installing and removing of docks, if we believe that the lakeshore customer would be better served with an alternative metal of Aluminum, Waterfront Specialties would be the first to make the changeover. We have been a leader in the dock industry in North America with being the first to:

  • 1975- Offering a rust-free metal framework, being all Hot Dip Galv. Steel
  • 1975- Offering 20% lighter weight tubular steel with over twice the strength of conventional schedule 40 pipe
  • 1978- Offer an alternative over the water boat cover, a boathouse with light weight all steel structure, including steel slats
  • 1980- Professionally produced a detailed video that shows virtually all aspects of various Galv-A-Dock product installed and removed
  • 1985- Produced a computer software dock design program that would produce a dock diagram and quotation.
  • 1994- Designed and started producing a one-piece maintenance-free molded plastic decking in four different decking width options.
  • 1996- Designed and started producing round molded plastic bumper with the steel fasteners inserts on the bumper, which offers the most durable, longest lasting, and most user-friendly protection to the boat’s rub rail and fiberglass sides of boat.
  • 1996- Designed and started producing a one-piece maintenance free 8’ long molded plastic bench bottom and bench back, once assembled overhangs the water.
  • 2014- Redesigned the design a dock software program to be web based and allow active dock dealers and dock installers to produce a quote in minutes in-house. The new software has a more detailed dock drawing, quotation page, as well as the shipping list with dock installation diagram. The Galv-A-Dock Design a Dock program offers more precision than all other design a dock programs combined that are available today.
  • 2015- Waterfront Specialties added a second coating to all of its fasteners that will extend the rust-free finish for 20 + years. A costly expense, yet will benefit whomever services Galv-A-Dock.
  • 2016- The request for a new Cobalt A40 cruiser boat to be put on a lift during the Minnesota summers led Waterfront Specialties engineering department to design a framework and modify a ShoreStation 20,000# post vertical rise boat lift that requires only 11” of water depth. This custom boat lift is the largest capacity seasonal boat lift for shallow water conditions in North America that is installed and removed on an annual basis.
  • 2016- Waterfront Specialties did extensive research to locate a commercial lubricant that last for more than 10 years, because the lubricant composition is proven to not breakdown in salt water conditions, meaning longer benefit in fresh water lakes. The specialize lubricant is difficult to apply to the setscrews, Galv-A-Dock installers won’t have to be concerned with frozen setscrews or dealing with need to relubricating them.
  • 2017- Waterfront Specialties are offering an alternative to what dock dealers and dock installers are offered today. This includes the Best Quality Product available, Professional Design a Dock software, a dock display when possible, with excellent margins and incentives to move Galv-A-Dock, with a manufacturer’s guarantee.