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The main walk way is generally installed with the 3’6″ wide sections, also is also available 5’2″ wide platforms. The L portion of the dock is available in 3’6″ wide, 5’2″ wide, 7′ wide and 10’4″ wide, in 8′ long intervals. The interlocking framework pipe, which consists of the vertical pipe to the horizontal above-the-water framework pipe, makes Galv-A-Dock the strongest, most rigid system that can be installed and removed. Galv-A-Dock has an instructional video to assist those who wish to perform the installation themselves. Adding our molded plastic bench (on the shore side of L portion of dock) which overhangs the water is an ideal place for multiple individuals to sit and enjoy the lake activities. Another popular item is our 4-step ladder, which allows the swimmers to climb out of the water with ease and total comfort. An additional option is Galv-A-Dock’s vertical boat bumpers offering the best boat protection when the boat is tied up to the dock. Galv-A-Dock pole protectors offer the cleanest look and are simply installed over the vertical pipes on the top side of the dock and secured with a setscrew.