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Galv-A-Dock Installation and Removal

The Galv-A-Dock system became popular in the Lake Minnetonka market because it is so easy to install and remove. Floating the dock means you don’t have to get wet to install or remove the dock. This procedure is simple when using Galv-A-Dock specially designed service tools.

Float the end of the framework on the servicing barrel, insert the framework pipe (the non-floating end) into the previously installed dock bracket or starter bracket. Slide the deck onto the framework and insert the vertical pipe into the bracket. Using a sleeve hammer, pound the vertical pipe into the ground until firm, raise the dock section to the desired height with the Galv-A-Dock leveling jack. It’s that easy!

The only way that is easier to install your dock, is to have an authorized Galv-A-Dock dealer or contracted dock installer install it for you. Galv-A-Dock dealers have been selected from the best in the service industry. If they come across any problem or custom-design layout they can’t handle, our engineering staff with over 100 years of combined experience is readily available to assist.