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Galv-A-Dock Covered Boat Slips

Covered boat slips are available in various sizes of 24′ long, 32′ long, 40′ long and 48′ long.  Ideal for mooring the boats underneath cover and reducing sun and rain exposure. Additional slip widths and boathouse heights are optional and will depend on particular boat specifications. Covered boat slips work well for shorelines where boats lifts do not work, either because of inadequate water depth, soft ground, or in excessive water depth, where the lift will not get the boat far enough out of the water. You will want to check with your local governing agency or state DNR regarding any limitations to covered slips over the water. A covered boat slip set up is the most user-friendly way for boaters to enter or leave the mooring location. Using four preset mooring lines allows for corner tie-up and ensures the boat will not contact the dock. The covered boat slips are available in various sizes up to 43′ long and keeps boats adequately undercover and away from the sun and rain. The modular, telescoping framework pipe allows for slip expansion if the boat size and or width is changed from one year to the next.