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Galv-A-Dock Boathouses

Galv-A-Dock  –  boathouses are totally engineered to the dock system. The combined strength of the all light weight galvanized steel boathouse and dock have provided the ultimate protection for boats from Mother Nature’s harsh elements. The boathouse is available in various lengths, widths and heights to fit your boat. The heavy-duty vinyl has electro-welded seams that create a solid piece of strength and durability. With one walkway covered, your boat is easy to secure, access and maintain.

Galv-A-Dock  – Built from select materials, offers beauty, expandability, durability and freedom from yearly maintenance. It provides all the protection your boat could ever need and it lengthens your summer.

Galv-A-Dock products cannot be matched. History has proven that boats moored in our slips have been able to withstand excessive severe winds that have been clocked over 100 mph.

Galv-A-Dock has customers with boats up to 43′ in length and weighing as much as 27,000 lbs being moored within an open or covered slip. Since Galv-A-Dock utilizes the above water high strength galvanized steel framework, it is supported and easily driven into the lake bottom, allowing for the maximum structural strength available in a seasonal dock system.

Galv-A-Dock is expandable to 10′ in width (Super Sundeck) for a large sunning deck on either the left or the right side of the main walkway, typically located at the lake end of the dock.

The Galv-A-Dock  system can grow to meet your needs. From a basic straight dock, you can add a sundeck on the end of the dock and a covered or uncovered slip for your boat.

The Galv-A-Dock Boathouse is a proven method of additional boat coverage.