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Galv-A-Dock Accessories

Galv-A-Dock – full line of accessories include the 5′ wide platform, being one solid deck and is ideal for sun tanning. The sundecks are 7′ wide and provides 56 square feet of sunning, fishing or entertaining area. The ultimate is the Galv-A-Dock 10′-4″ wide super sundeck for larger groups to congregate at the end of the dock and can easily accommodate 3 chase lounges. Our 8′ long benches overhangs the water and provides the maximum in comfortable seating and efficient use of the dock surface area. The four step ladder has 3″ wide steps that makes it easier to climb out of the water. Other accessories include boat bumpers, pole protectors, paddleboard racks, flag pole, side-sway stabilizers, and triangular dock locker boxes. For more information about other accessories for the Galv-A-Dock system, see our dock accessories page.